08 May 2019

Forbes.com: 15 Tech Pros Talk The Most Impressive Tech Developments Of The Last Three Years

Technology and the tools it creates are evolving rapidly, shifting the way the world operates, especially in the realm of business. Tech can change very quickly, with rapid leaps in efficiency, ability and accessibility happening within the span of just a few years.

Tech professionals have front-row seats for this lightning-fast evolution (when they’re not on stage themselves) and are the first to know about new, potentially game-changing developments. They’re also best-positioned to know what new tech is here to stay, and what may well prove a flash in the pan.

Business leaders who want to know what tech to invest in need only look to the tech professionals in their company or industry. We asked 15 experts from Forbes Technology Council to share the most impressive tech developments they’ve seen in the last few years, as well as why these advancements are so awe-inspiring.

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