About Me


As dean of students, I provide proactive leadership to influence the school climate and culture and to engage all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to support the students’ academic achievement, positive behavior, and personal and social development. While serving on our administrative team, I assume additional authoritative roles in collaboration with the co-founders.  Also serving as IT director, I manage all of the Academy’s IT Infrastructure, training, and policies.  This includes network administration, database management, web development, help desk administration, and asset management.  Additionally, I mentor, train, and manage students for our Jr. Tech Engineer’s Program.

In addition to these roles, I am a part of our PR Committee, and I was instrumental in increasing our online presence and digital footprint.  I am a member of the STEM Committee, serve as a coach for our award-winning FLL Robotics Team and 4-time National Championship Middle School Step Team, and serve as a Tech Coach to our 4-time National Math Counts Video champions.

Career Achievement

In addition to my role as IT director, I dedicate my time to establishing and maintaining relationships with our students and parents.  Serving in this magnitude has been a passion of mine because I believe that the relationships we establish are the secrets to our success at the Academy.

Last summer, my efforts were recognized in the form of a promotion as I was named the Ron Clark Academy’s first dean of students, making me a part of the Leadership Team. This was important to me as it marked a historical milestone at RCA.  Not only did I become a part of RCA’s first administrative team, but I also became the first African-American administrator in our school’s history.  The Ron Clark Academy is a highly acclaimed school and educator training facility.  Since the school’s inception, over 39,000 educators have visited to learn better ways to engage students, promote academic rigor, and create a climate and culture for success.  To be a leader at a school that has a global reach is a dream come true.  I’ve always prayed that I could be a positive role model for our students, and this achievement helped make it possible.